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Less intervention

Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010

Conservation visit

Jumaat, 28 Mei 2010

Last Tuesday 23th May 2010..i have arranged conservation trip to Suluh Budiman Building which is th e gazetted building by National Heritage Department. As apart of subject activities, we have arranged to histocal places such as Malacca,Penang or Singapore. But finally,with the time contraints and less of money. We have an idea to visit nearest on going project conservation. We are lucky because i have been working in one of the conservation project. At 2.30pm we have meeting at conservation site and invited by Dr Norli as conservator for that project and also main constractor were given the explaination about the project. Prof Amran as chef the mission who will be lead along the trip. Most of the project still on progress but still have to finished in September. All the Msc Heritage and Conservation Managent was happy and enjoyed the trip. We have hangout at nearest cafe and discuss for the next trip at TGM. I'm so tired but happy because successful to arrange very due time for the trip..Sorry guy!If the trip have any lacked. Along the site visit,the temperature is really hot and dusty and i forgotten to mention for bring the mask as protected. Thanks to HCM777 student who give 100% supported to make successful trip. Rahman & Embong stil have to mention about that building in community based conservation classes. We have to discuss about stakeholder and community role to manage the conservation in democratic method with other organisation participation. Very long story to describes but if u want really to know,just take the courses and spend about RM10,000.oo for the class..HUHUHUHU

Healthy Awareness

Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

Last Wednesday..I went to Penang for visit Pusat Sejahtera or Healthy Centre in Science University Malaysia..I have a invited from Healthy Centre for preparation to full filled 10th Malaysia Planning Requirement. Lastime i has been went to Penang 2007..Just three years ago. Apart of place island Penang most of the building built in British Colonial Era..You have experience along the narrow road. In your left or right, you will looked around beautiful old shophouses and old style fabric landscaping. Most of the people really friendly and smily to visitor especially the anak mami nickname for daughter of mix-race of Indian born.
Back to our storey, we have arrived to USM at 11.00am and entertained by several stuff of USM Healthy Centre. We looked around of new building and explaination by senior nursing and also the doctor. At the end of trip, we have voyage event and a have remember the doctor said...Malaysia is among higher obesity in the world..IS IT REALLY??..But end of trip..we have served desert kueh lompang and popia...IS IT HAVE HIGHER GLUCOSE??..

I get ready..

Khamis, 6 Mei 2010
We always forgot that life is shortest..

We alway forget we need to planning n preparation bcoz sometimes we're so confident..

This is the lesson i have to learned from what goin' happen with me...