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Saturday Cook..

Jumaat, 18 Jun 2010
Family portrait

Friend make leisure and indenpendent..

Chilled out Mailbox and facebook with red Saga..

Make clear and clean

List of assignment..done within due date...

I'm always waiting for that day. Most of the day,is too bored..but Saturday, more activites will make very good done and mood..

New Model Name's Upie..

Khamis, 17 Jun 2010

He can smile everyday but he can cry a whole day...My loved Upie..Don't notty2 k..

Family Gathering..

Sabtu, 12 Jun 2010

Today,i was arranged lunch with family and my best fren who are comin' from Bali for holiday..I was decided to cooked Barramundi fish and special prawn but i'm not sure the species type..Hot and Spicy as the main menu, prawn soup as the second menu..For Drink flavour,i just make the Black Seed Kordial..Really nice!!..12.40pm..the food ready to served..Upie just looked Baba special menu today..u're too small to tasted...HEHEHE

Far far away..

Ahad, 6 Jun 2010

This is my special journal..i will never forget until i died..maybe if i'm not take the courses Community Based Conservation,i will never ever go there..Kampung Bantal,Ulu Tembling is the place more mystirical and very far from any place at Pahang rural. By 2-5th June..the place waiting for 20 student Msc HCM for research surveying community activities impact to National Park. Rahmat,Amir and me just only went to Ulu Tembling by 3rd June. Started 7.30am at Tg Malim by driving car and drop by at Jln Duta Goverment HQ and continued travel at 9.30am after having breakfast. We just arrived to Kuala Tahan at 1.15pm when Zohor azan calling around the jetty. Amir was there and we going by long boat with 13 passangers included Amir and his family. The boat through along Sungai Tembling and we're cross the stream and it to hard and much more time the water splash into my face. I'm just laughed and i thought this is welcoming event. The river is too long and most of the time we're looking the green rainforest..until at Kampung Pagi..I saw the purple boat and if im not wrong..mybe this is UiTM boat..I'm not joined the 1st group who are going to early to survey at Kampung Pagi. We just waving the hands and go to Kampung Bantai. We stop at the sanded island to take 10 mints go to 'toilet'..HEHEHE..Just hidden in the grass!..

We must continue the trip but suddenly the boat was stack at the sand.. For the 1st time we pushed the boat..Really wet but enjoy..Not the 1st time but until 21st time we try to pushed the boat..My clothes really moisture after dropped in to river while pushed the boat..Huhuhu..

We arrived at Kampung Bantal at 7.00pm..and i felt so tired because missed lunch time..I have cleanned and put all the bangage at bed..Huhuhu..all item need to dry..The chalet is too small but enough for our group..I have been stayed at 1st floor meanwhile the gegurl stayed at ground floor..We share the toilet and rest room to watched the tv at the main entrance...

At night,all participation really hungary and the dinner prepared by nearest groccer..The main menu is Ikan Patin..But i'm not eat any fresh fish than i just eat the delicious and sweet meat soy..We have disscussion and chatting while the dinner time and very short night i have to sleep early..

Wake up early morning..After Subuh pray..i just walk nearest groccer and take a breakfast..So delicious and tasty,so chip and extra size..Special event occured every friday morning..Local people call 'Pasar Sari'..Likely small market,mostly ladies business around at the small counter top..Sate,Laksam and variety of desert was sold here. We're really enjoy the food..After break,we continue survey the local people and i have been asked quentionaire followed the guideline form until Friday pray...After lunch,i have to chatting nearest river and smelt fresh air. Prof Amran invited for a tea but wheather is really hot and i'm felt thermal heat when stayed at chalet built with zink or metal deck.

Rahman,Rahmat,Afiq,Embong and me has decide to cross the river at afternoon to visit Amir..We don't have any experience to cross the river..Fun but dangerous if your steps into the deep river based..We just try and error and waiting at the ziggurat staircase...Kampung Seberang Bantal is same area with Kampung Bantal but boundary by Ulu Tembeling River..Amir and family invited to visit his host families..We just looked around the area and visit new unfinished house belong to Amir host families's.

After have a tea,we go back to chalet and have to planned swim nearest river..HAHAHAHA..Just for fun after several month hardworking and faced examination season...Free style swim, play traditional games 'Galah' and feel the nature...We're back before Maghrib. At night we have served really delicious food and have chatting with Mr Salleh who are our lecturer..funny story,laughed and IQ Quiz...HAHAHAHA...

Next morning was final day at Ulu Tembeling, so sad to leaved Kampung Bantal but we have a real job to do..That why i called the place Far far away...HUHUHUHU

After 2 hours on the boat,suddenly the boat stuck in the sand because the river is shallow after several day are not raining..We need to push the boat and quickly go inside the boat because same place is too deep and as the visitor,we really difficult to identify with the row eyes. Only local and boat owner who are know which part is deep and shallow. Unfortunely,the boat is too heavy and we need to pushed the boat until 21st times and for the 10 times..Rahmat and me are not take the lunch and we lost energy and felt so tired..luckly Amir bodyguards (his cousin and brother in law) who are helping to pushed. This is the most beautiful experience i get at Sungai Ulu Tembling..

We're arrived at Kampung Bantal at 6.30pm with wet clothes and Embong invited me to Dali Chalet's. Double storey chalet,we leaved at 1st floor with small room and included 2 double storey bed. I'm very hungary and after bath and clean..i went to nearest shop but sadly,all the food already finished. I bought 2 packet instant noodle and makcik warung (owner groccer)helping to cooked. After Maghrib, dinner provided by another groccer..so delicious and tasty but i'm not take any the river fish likes cat fish and all type of river fish.
The next morning, we're going to surveying and interview the local. Friday morning at Kampung Bantal,their have special event like weekend market. Most of community going to market and we have take opportunity to bought some desert and satay. After nasi dagang breakfast (influence by Terengganu food because most of the people from Kelantan and Terengganu who migrant to Ulu Tembling since War II or exhile to other rural)..I have been interview some local people with form provided by Mr Salleh who are our master lecturer in Public Amenity Management.

Until Friday Prayer..We have to stop the survey and going to pray and have delicious lunch at the same food stall. We are so full and the wheather is too hot and i cannot stay at chalet because is really hot. We have lepaking at wakaf (shelter) nearest the jetty until evening and take ABC (Mix Syrup Ais). Rahman was decide to went Amir step family house and need to cross the river at another Kampung Bantai. We have intruction to cross the river and identify shallow road but Rahman,Ilmam,Afiq,Embong,Rahmat and me are not expert..We cross the river until the water level at our waist..HEHEHE..We need to step ziggurat staircase (Embong called the step likes pyramid at Amazon South America.
We're invited welcoming with smile by Amir family...And some deserrts served for sweaty group..I felt so difficult if wearing ZARA Suit..u need cross the river and your clothes really wet to visited your nearest family without boat..Arghhhh!!..Too hard for me..I'm not survival..but it going to be my experience...