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Selasa, 31 Ogos 2010
Sound of Countdown!!..

Merdeka Day..

Isnin, 30 Ogos 2010
It's not the holiday..but it's is respecful day for 53th anniversary Malaysia Independent..

Really like in heaven..

Sabtu, 28 Ogos 2010

Don't Stop Believin!

Jumaat, 27 Ogos 2010

Just beliv urself..But don be selfish..so everybody will pray for u..


It's too late..

Alice in Wonderland

Sabtu, 21 Ogos 2010
Breaking fast @ Iskandariah Palace,Kuala Kangsar..

I try to find Mr White Rabbit at Wonderful world who bring me there...

Tea Table which is Mad Hatter and White Rabbit have a tea..

Waiting for dinner with Red Queen and White Queen..

One of food will make you resize in small scale or biggest scale..

Chef Idol

Rabu, 18 Ogos 2010

Nigella bites...good picture in cooking time..simple n exotic

Healthy food from Jamie indie alternative chef's...

Wow..nice for evening desert..

Combination of color make everybody crazyyy...

Tomatoes with different meaning...

Menu of the month Ramadhan..

Isnin, 16 Ogos 2010

A deaf boy came to our table to get a few constribution by selling souvenior. In my heart, touched to see the way he was. i am thankful for what i have..Amin..

IKEA Break Fasting

Ahad, 15 Ogos 2010


Sabtu, 14 Ogos 2010
I luv Statistic..coz i will know every percentage n profit.

Statistic make me learned somethin'with the graph showing on slide..

Ermm..Statistic u will know how good u're

Statistic..sometimes tell u true story...

True Colour

Jumaat, 13 Ogos 2010

Measurement by contractor to make sure the size really similarly..
Tone of colour.

Start to write something...

Change the view..

Inspired from the races root in Asia...More Colorful and variety of tones.

Hard to think..

Sabtu, 7 Ogos 2010
No idea!!!...

Try to open the window of heart...

Yey!!!...I get it...

Finally..i found that!!...

Flying Colour!!....

My Buddy..Aidi..

Nice bro..Stylo Milo...

U're my best fren ever...
AHaK!!!...My very GOOD fren..Mr Aidi..

Puntianak Harum Sundal Malam

One of Ikabane...Ahak!!..I have nursery infront of my homme..small space but i really make me cool..

My Concept

My first decoration for engagement event...

Play with light and symmetrical arrangement...

Ikea & local craft mix to impress the surrounding...

Orchid and less of decoration...similarly Ikabane motive...

Ball of red roses..sparkling the mood...

Rainbow concept to be continue...


my last xtra extreme decoration about night..Inspired from the black of night..

U just talk in the dark..

Feel lonely but alway in mood..

Night have more secret..

Glam with star and moon..

Night just behave urself...

First Job

Today..i have done my 1st Job in Tg Malim after almost three year had been there..Based on my experience and technical knowledge...So,why not..I tried to improved my skill..Love photography likes you love single time in your life..It's different with painting..I love painting too..I wants to mixture manual and computerised art in the same time..Ohuuuuuu!...I love it!!...That the way i wanna be free in my life...I cannot do same routine in mylife..likes kill ur appetite..Uhuk!!No!Just do it what u want!!!...

Beautiful Saturday Cook

Ahad, 1 Ogos 2010

Flower as therapy for eye & nose..

Mee Bandung for biggest appetite...

long pot and cutting pad...in other way, likes dress high heel

Upie are not felt well..

Higher expertation for this event..
Last Saturday i have cooked mee bandung as gathering party to my closer fren..Just having fun and cook for them..make me felt free after several weeks in suck routine...Touch,smell,see and hear...exploited the day...