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Trains to Ipoh

Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Whether believed or not, today I take the train to go to Ipoh. With tickets priced at only RM17.00. I feel it is very chip and fun. I board the trains at 4.30 pm and the journey takes 2 hours 30 minutes. In the train, I have time to make some homework and enjoy the scenery of villages in Perak. I started traveling from Tg Malim railway station and the train will stop at the railway station to take the passengers in Sungkai, Tapah Road, Kampar and Batu Gajah. One of the most exciting when we travel with the train is that local residents will wave hand when the train pass in front of them. As they were celebrating the coming of rail to their area. Wow, It's a great time and experience to me for the first time I board the train. Travel more easily and not tiring. I have bought return tickets during the Tg Malim. Once daily in Ipoh, I board the train again to return to Tg Malim.

When return trip,i have meet with 2 people were of Indian women who want to return to Rawang. One of them sitting next to me, he is a Tamil language teacher and one is a teacher of English. Teachers are former students and UPSI has taught at one school in the Parit Keroma, Muar. Together they have a baby girl aged 2 years.

We just chat only to get rid of boring because LCD television is not open. Indian society has been practicing small children live with their families in the village. I feel strange, breast milk may not be used except to use cow's milk. In estate areas easier to obtain than fresh milk in urban areas. One of them wish to continue their studies at degree level in Tamil languange at Sultan Idris Education University. However the course has not yet been offered. I only know a little information on academic work because I only focused on technical fields. I know it because the course went along with Tamil language teachers. I am located on the table 'fish laga' female that I buy in 'Market Karat' such as Ipoh can not wait to return to Tg Malim.

Traveling is very exciting and when i back to Tg Malim,the welcoming rain which came down quite heavy. I leave the train and just say 'See u nextime and bye-bye'to the kindness siblings of Indian women.

Saturday oh saturday!!

Jumaat, 29 Januari 2010
Today,i'm so much2 tired,i try to handle any situation without emotional..Suddenly i have an idea to make i my life colourful..

1)I have an invitation birthday party for Fitri Jr. He alaready 14years old..For me..too oldest for celebrate the ages..kakakaka

2)I have wedding invitation from my officemate..so i have more idea to go there..Suddenly,i have an idea to go by train..Walaweeeee!!..This is my firstime in my life going by train as the transportation..Jakun kan!!..kakakaka..And the best thing,i will going meet my loved fiance who waiting for me and patient with me..

Fingers Hand

Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

Last Friday, i was chating with my fren who married ages 6 years. While we're seating outdoor with English Hi-tea and kurma as desert,we talking about the new storey. My breath smelt a fresh air where we're seating at frontal lakeaside. Suddenly his son wants to eating. Then,he prepared the 'nasi bungkus' or take away food that he bought at the nearest restaurant. His child saw so hungary and he gives rice by it's own hand. I told him..'Bukan semua lelaki hendak suapkan anak makan'..Just several husband want to put their hands some rice for her child'..He said..Yuy!I agreed with you because i was desired if my mom used hand to give some rice than my dad..We laughed together for a day..I was thinking,it beautiful Malaysian man culture..so unique!

Sultane of Johore

Jumaat, 22 Januari 2010

Farewell for Royal Sultane of Johore..Al Marhum Tuanku Sultan Iskandar was pass away at 7.15pm at Puteri Hospital,Johor Bahru. He very strict in any discipline along his reign. When i standard three,i have been seem his face to face for opening ceremony at Johore People Religion School. May Allah Blessed Him..Al-Fatihah..

Prosperity BurgeR

Yesterday. was very hard to me, i have trouble facing the situation. At the first time i have penalty for illegal parking at Putrajaya. Actually, I have been there to attend the seminar. Unfortunely, the parking provided is not enough and i just parking at the site of road when i looked any cars were parked there. So i had decided to park there without any doubted. While I walked back to the car, I saw a piece of paper at the frontal glass .. It's summon .. I'm so frustated with that, the site are not enough parking .. why the police still want to summon? .. It not fare for visitor who are going to Putrajaya.

Not good with situation.i 'm Drove to Mc'Donald and make decision to buy some food at drive through .. I'm very desired to bought a set of Prosperity Burger and chocolate sundae.
After paid at counter, i going to Lakeside view to enjoy the food. Suddenly, the stranger man come nearest to my window and knocked the glass .. I thought the authority person but it's wrong prediction. The man was promoter for product safety. I'm not comforted with that because I'm so tired and hungary. I just told him, I have worked to do for a reason keep away from stranger man. I went to nearest Lakeside felt so tired. I just stay at shelter and ate the food but the Prosperity Burger are not in packages. Sadly, i just redha mistaken for everything happen to me ..

Project Runway

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010
I always put on my shout out only the sentences 'Project Runway' at Yahoo YM .. The words inspired from the reality tv titled words on that .. It gives me the spiritual to the design from sketch to become actual human dresses .. I really likes this program, it showing reality of life as the designer to contribute ideas become practicality. When the dress presented on the stage and have it become elegant soul for anyone who sees it. Carrier in reality, I must have done from the design of small to biggest skill. It can be as a master plan for the future and the tagible heritage at the land of TGM. Maybe one day it become the history for our Heritages and need restoration
at 100years later...



Today i still cannot to register one of the subject. I know that will be happen to me. only register for one subject, but others I can online .. Huhuhuhu ... I worried when there is a small problem that affects my study at this semester. This often happens in my life and only me who cannot register. My coordinator asked to fill out manually, but conditionally required to pay RM50.00. This month my budget is the most minimum. Rarely occur and sometimes the situation will be happen to me.

My spirit was never dull to go through unexpected. I will find the spirit of "Lintang" (one of creator in Laskar Pelangi movie) never give up to go to school even had to pedal a bicycle trip through the long journey and had to deal with challenges to cross the crocodile pool that will be passed to every morning before arrived to school. Every human has the right to learn. Everything is overcome are the challenges to further progress.

Sang Mantan

Isnin, 18 Januari 2010
Song Sang Mantan is the first song that I have hearing today. The lyric of songs are simple to understand. Clearly, when a person is a former sometimes not appreciated more than ever before. Therefore, we do not need pride with which we have the advantage because they do not remain forever. Specifically, our relationship with God that has been awarded the advantages and disadvantages of each person to lead a life full of challenge. Every thing that happens we have learned to be patient and realize themselves.

Beautiful Monday

Thanks Allah to give me an opportunity to thinks again the people who are really not understand meaning as a friend. I really regret what has happened on this day. Guilt on the partners who have long I forget. Feelings of frustration and time for me to focus on friends who always care for myself rather than disparage the person. I began to feel something that is high value on feelings. People will continue to speak of myself. I have proven something to me is the best companion for all those who I know.

My Space

Ahad, 17 Januari 2010
I was in a very small space. I imagine a small space is a large space for I know what happens outside. I am daily in this small space. Space is not limiting to think and think until I find the correct answer for sure. If I am alone in this small space gives me inspiration to think about things. I will survey the depth of each thing that I expect in the brain. I feel that space is increasingly large and very large for the recipient. I will find the space another step further and very tiring. This is the story for 24 hours that I lead today.

National treasure that must be maintained for any future generations. I have been through a generation today that has created a virtual technologies increasingly great. World without borders up to relationship across continents. Humans today are spending time, money and age with the pursuit of luxury and comfort. I admit these things are true. Human past may not consider the matter. They only assess the meaning of spirituality and decency. Technological past is the most advanced and people today it is still studied the history of the past. Experts today trying to find answers about the past period of human skills. Great Wall of China, Pyramids, architecture of Al Hambra, Angkor Watt, Borobudur and others are still mysterious. Historians do not get the answer for sure to detect expertise owned by architects and engineers who built these old buildings.

Goat Milk

Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

Today is the second week I am not walking out to KL, only to spend time at home with reading and sleeping only. Perhaps this is as a way of life as a student I had the first pass. Although relatively fatigue with daily activities, I continue to learn and continue learning. Sometimes,I feel boring but continue the spirit to succeed. This morning I went to hair salons to plumb the line. I feel love long hair. I have saved nearly 3 months. Feeling lazy to cut though not able to take care of him. Busy chat with hairdresser, we discuss the current issues that occur throughout the year. Story of life that is constantly changing each time. One of the information from the conversation is goat milk. It is very nutritious for health to make medicines and cosmetics products. I am interested in these products because one of the results from goat milk is lipstick. Although it is strange but true.


Sabtu, 9 Januari 2010
My weekend at Tg Malim..i feel different from the others weekend,lasti time i just spend time at Damansara, I will be Tanjungrian as far as i can..kakakaka..For this time,i so lazyrious to do my homework and feel need a rest after a few weeks fully with programme and wedding invitation. At the same time, i was started master class last weekdays. Every single of mylife will change time to time where i have to plan for to finished everything that i think.

Tg Malim was beautiful small town located between border Perak and Selangor. It only 1hours from Kuala Lumpur. Tg Malim is a part of Perak Darul Ridzuan state. I was staying there mostly 3 years. You will travelling by bus, commuter and personel vehicle. At the firstime i lived at Tg Malim,i found that place is rich with old building and greeny environment.

My favorite place to going for hang out is Bil river or Kalumpang resort where the waterfall is very cool and neutral.It nearest with my home only 20mint to going both places. Actually,Tg Malim one of the most raining places in Malaysia. I have the true data from friend who the geographical researcher. Almost a weeks the place have a rained in the night or morning.

One of the trademark of Tg Malim is Pau Yik Mun, one of chinese deserts bun. For the Muslim you're don't worry about the status of Halal. The shop already have certificate from JAKIM. Since i was stay here,i never going the shop because i'm not really sure the status of Halal. If you're confident with status,i was proposed to eat.

From the background of Tg Malim, the place have similar with legandary of Malay Teacher's College. Now, the college was called Sultan Idris University of Education or Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). Several of historical building was there and the most popular building is 'Suluh Budiman'. The building was gazzeted by Heritage Act 2005 if i'm not wrong. The building almost 100years since open by British colonial. The design of building was influence by Britsh Colonial and netherland style.

With 60 acres of land,UPSI one of the small university in Malaysia. It's was started with Bakeley College and change to Maktab Perguruan Sultan Idris,then the name tranfer to Institut Perguruan Sultan Idris and finally the upgraded to university in 1997. The development of UPSI was remained by the historical and also new building. As a part of education institute to produced teachers for school or educationist.

As a part of historical at suburban, Tg Malim environment likes a old village town. No more hyper development and the surrounding still in protected.

Master Class

Selasa, 5 Januari 2010
For the begining day,was started to attend the class of Msc. Conservation & Heritage Management..I was really tired with what were happen at my weekend..Just chill and hangout with fren but it really make me tired..When i step to main lecture hall FSPU..My memory was flashback at the moment..I'm feel likes attended the bachelor class,my ears and eyes catched anything from the place i was studied before.

At the same time, i remember with all nostalgia and the place i was stayed before. It only my imagination for the day. We have briefing from our top IPS coordinator. The lecture must be all in English because we have international student and also most of them is local student. Surely, at the 1st time for 2 years,i never speak in English more than 5 mint. But today, we have to listen and speak in English. It so dificult to me. I'm in a fever and headache. At the first class,im looked not comfortable and sometimes i'm so stacked to translate any word by the lecturer or my classmate.

For the second day,the weather is to bad,i drive in the rained. My class was started at 6.00pm but i'm arrived at 6.30pm..Pn Nakiah,ex studio master was remember that i'm her student. And i hope she really excited to teached about historical architecture. As the partime student, i need to attend 2 days class on Tuesday and Thursday. Both of days must be finished at 10-11pm but for early class we will going back early at 9pm.

It great day for me and hopefully not so trouble to me come the class 2 days per week. Currently, fillfull time with really exciting class and enjoy the programme. My schedule of life totally change.