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Khamis, 21 Jun 2012
Best ever movie from the root and land of Javanese..

Window of Luv

Sabtu, 14 April 2012
Variety of colour...

Relationship between internal and external building...

Small scale of furniture from wooden...looked so cute..

Emotion and romantic...

Al-Quran City

Finally,this is the end product for proposal for Al-Qura'an City saculpture at Bangi Centre Town..i have spent not less three months to get the pior idea. Thanks Allah to gives oppourtunity again to prove my creativity.

Islamic Pattern

Jumaat, 13 April 2012
Point become line

Line become form...

form become volume...

Completely and meaning same as our life...

In progress inspiration from Islamic pattern...

Royal Curtain

Sabtu, 31 Mac 2012
Royal 1

Royal 2

Royal 3

Royal 4

Royal 5...

Which one ur choose?


Rabu, 28 Mac 2012
The day and night with my diary...secret of my life...

Kuala Lumpur City Centre

My iconic in haus..


Before 70 degress raining..the cloud with beautiful panorama

Landscape Architect

Heritage & Conservation for the Art Museum

Grass line inspiration

Interlocking with line

SOmetimes we need the curvilinear

My Passion for future


Ahad, 8 Januari 2012
Falling Water by Fuad llyod Wright.

Pieces of stone by Fuad Hadid.

The most of modern high-technology by Norman Fuad.

Beautiful shape by Fuad Ando.

Masterpiece of le Corb Faud

Murtabak Singapore!..I luv it!

Jumaat, 6 Januari 2012
My mom waiting something special from singapore!...

Biggest glass tea O Ice and Milo from Singapore Restaurant...

Good for hot singapore wheather...Still waiting the ordering...

There are the place we can eat the authentic food from singapore..;)

Medium size of Murtabak Singapore..so tasty and delicious...;)