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Modern & Traditional

Rabu, 31 Mac 2010

For search treatment, i went to Putra Specialist Hospital to checked and have some treatment for my fracture ankle. I had suffered for 3 months after injured after play the badminton last 3 month. I just bring the medical xray and some cronology to informed Specialist Doctor what is going happen with my ankle. Thanks to Allah..I have medical leave certificated for 5 days when i felt very hurt with my ankle. At the same time, i have the time to check at orthopedic specialist. At 9pm, my mom and me went to Batu Pahat for hope i have a good treatment.

For the registeration until medicine all in costly but i'm really find what i need to know the condition of my ankle. The doctor really profesional and explained my situation and adviced me to used special ankle support. But i think,i have to tried traditional treatment recommended my old fren..Didi..He is my school best friend until now. He stayed at my hometown and worked as wedding makeup and also industrial worker's.

As he told me before,try to traditional treatment and it really effective from his fren experiences. I know the person who had treated people, the man is Cikgu Syukur, who is my Malay Languange teacher at standard 5 or 6 if i not mistaken. Last friday night,after booked appointment with phone. He told me to come his home lot number 20 at 8.30pm. Me and Didi was going there at 9.00pm and waiting until 10.20 because several patient are waiting also.

I'm the second last person to have the treatment. No touched or massage treatment but only using the root like Nipah leaf. He used some liquid and brush with hand at the leaf, then he read some Quran sentences. He asked me my full name and read some Quran sentences. After that, he gives me the instruction to walk properly and looked at the leaf. At the first time,it not really fully solved, he asked me to walk again. Magical,i'm feel so comfortable and no hurt.

Meanwhile, me and Didi remind cikgu Syukur that he had teached me and Didi before. He told me, he forgetten but still remember our faces...Hehehehe..I so happy with my ankle condition but i'm still beware nextime. Cikgu Syukur have doing his job since is youngest and now he pension from teacher carrier. He goes around the world such as Dubai,Perth and Singapore for doing traditional medical treatment.

After treatment, Me and Didi went for dinner at Asam Pedas Hj Shariff (my uncle shop's) and we have the ala carte rays asam pedas my favorite menu and some fried eggs..My cousin,fendy and my auntie Masitah entertained our dinner at 11pm.

Corean Gurls

Sabtu, 27 Mac 2010

Last weeks, i'm watched my favorite television channel National Geography..The weekend theme is Girls in Corea. Everybody known about the drastic of economy of Corea with same level as Big Dragon Japan. The economy effected to social culture and lifestyle of women in Corea. They dreamed came true achieve anything that they desired.. I was interested with the most famous ice sketing corean olympic..Kim Yu-Na who sacrifed her life to be international high class ice sketing performer. She was the most popular idola in Corea.

Malaysian also influence with Corean fever especially in television series started with Winter Sonata and now,hundreds or might be thousand of Corean drama series in the top ranking. The video are shown one of famous gurls band in Corea called 2NE1. The video showing dreamed of new generation Corean girls as included for National Geography theme.

Vers le bas! Vers le bas!

Isnin, 22 Mac 2010

Stresss with too much assigments need to finish up. I have 10 assignments in my list planning calender..the submission very close with each subject..Most of works are not really finished yet..Never felt down!down!..

La vie est comme un rêve

Ahad, 14 Mac 2010

Life is likes a dreams...

Réalité de la vie au Cambodge

J'ai écrit en français parce que le Cambodge a été colonisé par la France. J'ai des études en français pour Languange Troisième cycle en option.

I wrote in French languange because Cambodia was colonized by France. I have studies in French Languange for Third Languange in Undergraduate Elective.

Religieux école dans le village Pray Bis

Jumaat, 12 Mac 2010

Kampung Pray Bis Pictures.

Sahara in Cambodia

Kampung Pray Bis the place was site proposed.

The interior of ruin Madrasah.

The Children of Kampung Pray Bis

The Mosque frontal of football field.

The front elevation of ruin Madrasah.

My Love Allah...I just arrived at the place have a community of Malay at Cambodia after two hours travel from Phnom Pehn city to Kampung Pray Bis. The small mosque appear when we come to nearest inside the site. After introduction ourself,we'll started to measure the every single item at the site where need to built a new school for children. I saw very ruin school beside the mosque. The school mostly likes vernacular Malay house can be find in Malaysia. The construction mostly from timber started at the ridge until end of column. The roof was built from Siamese tiles. Simple interior classroom with the bench chair and table for seated by 3 to 5 person at the same time. The green board is from the original colour of timber. No more window and door,natural ventilation flow all over the edges. I'm felt so sad in the deep of my heart if i'm in that situation mybe i'm not the same person likes today.

No electrical and no proper water supply,the children still went to school for learned. I'm felt so lucky because borned in Malaysia, everything in our fingertive. Cambodia still needs to developed more infrastructure and facilities. The poor people still will be seen everywhere. In my mind,it's looked likes Malaysia maybe in era 1960-1950an. More view photography i catched along the journey in 35 degree Celcious. The weather is too hot,drying and dusty along the road and the surrounding felt liked in the Sahara (my assumption mybe more then that). I saw the similarly likes types of palm in the wildlife at Cambodia with a tall outgrowth rod. The palms made the originality of natural landscape at Kampung Phum Toal which is the second place i have been visited. The place around 45 minutes from the first place. The coloured of people clothes celebrated our entourage with the brownies sanded land as the background.

The second places really in suffering and surviving,no more proper accomodation but there have two beautiful mosques were donated by Malaysian. The sun was stand in the my head,but i still felt the spirit of Malay people who life in difficulity but have ethic to invited the visitor come their place in open hands. After the speech by the Ustaz Hassan and chatting with local people,we going back to hotel the memory can't be found before.

At the night,Ustaz Hassan invited for dinner at his house 'Persatuan Kebajikan Islam Kemboja' or Islamic Cambodia Welfare Society. We're served with food named 'Lembu naik Gunung' or Cow climbing mountain. The food mostly likes steamboat,we need to cooked at boiled soup and roasted beef at dome of cooking pot. Beautiful skilled for enjoying the food at the firstime i have been tried. The beef can be eaten with mustard and kangkong salad after put together in the pot. Mybe one day i will try and error to cook the recipes and we're thankful to Ustaz Hasan who invited for the dinner.


The Mosque i had to prayed

Traffic Jammed with motocycle..Lastime,modenas was sold at Cambodian.

US Dollar 8.00 for wifi/day at Holiday Villa Cambodia

Chilled out with my lap top..

The new southeast asian partner in ASEAN is Cambodia. The third country are still developed after several wars. I'm so not expected to come here because there a place less of facilities and infrastructure. The most important objective to come here is the help the Muslim Malay Champa who life at the apart of area in Cambodia. Today is my first day and i will be there from 12-14 Mac 2010...At 7.00pm,i and my brother in law drive to KLIA, and departure at 9.25 am..This is my 1st time i flight with MAS (Malaysia Arlines System)..

I dream come the true..Since undergrad,i have the highrise design studio and i have to decided to take MAS as my client. I had arranged apointment with MAS Tower management and pretend acting to promote catering service..HAHAHAHA..The ideas from my classmate Hidayah who wants to joined me to go MAS Tower beside the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. So today i have a nice nasi lemak and meets the new fren at plane..He very friendly and talk-tive..We just chatting until we're are not concern with time. The flight was departure at 11.00am..Sadly the car service is a not around..but luckly,Ustaz Hasan who the person need our helping to built school at Kg Pray Bis,Daerah Negeri Chenang at Cambodia.

We arrived the wrong hotel at the firstime,Holiday Inn Cambodia is not the right place,our accomodation at Holiday Villa which is the Malaysian Company Management. We're already so tired,after checkin few minute to wait because no more room available. Ustaz Hasan invited to go nearest mosque for praying. The 'Khutbah' means speech of the day in duo languange in Cambodian and Malay version. I have to followed the speech very simple and faith. After pray,we have the lunch with one of the Doctor from USM who are working almost 5 years at Phnom Pemn. We're chatting about the Cambodia living and lifestyle..End of the meet after eaten Cambodian Chicken Rice,i saw him traveled by Tut-Tut..Wonderful experience!!
All the currency in US Dollar so i decided do not spent much more money for shopping.At early,I'm not plan to shopping anymore coz i think when you come to other places,is not priorty to shopping,the matter can be find out at our country. I have suggestion to buy some book and matter which is artwork only. I only want to feel the unsual place and catched some photo as my achieved.
At night,we have appointment with Ustaz Hasan to go his Madrasah. We are going to dinner at Muslim Restaurant and i found the Johorian who are making business at Cambodia. Everybody know Ustaz. We're really confius..Who he's is???..As I know Ustaz,he have good relationship with some of our top community. My mission still on the line..The job will be done until i have find the site. Until this time..The 2 questions are not answer today?..I still wants to know about him and the currency really difficult to convert went we have bought some fruits at the wet market nearest to the hotel..Huhuhuhu..Dollar to Riel (Cambodian Currency)..

Teluk Batik

Isnin, 1 Mac 2010
The Marina Island Bridge.

Talentime night by Anis,Laila and Edura.

Cikgu Amir was simple man but he really geniaus.

CLass photo take by undergrade.

UTP Mosque,food for fish.

Lumut is the place very familiar with me..I have been stayed Perak almost 4 year to fullfilled Bachelor Sc studies.. On the Maulidur Rasul 1431H, i have to field trip at Teluk Batik Perak for doing my master studies. Last year i went with my officemate,i'm not surprice but the trip it firstime i slept there. I ,Zairi and Rahman was sharing chevolett car own by Rahman.

My ankle is really hurt last night so Rahman willing to take me at Tg Malim from Kuala Lumpur. Just 1 hours from KL,Zairi and Rahman together came to my haus. They arrived at 4pm after Friday Prayer and i just do simple preparation and not feeling well. At my home,I showed him my broken ankle xray, they really scared..Hahahaha..We started to travel at 4.30pm at have to stop at Bidor for lunch time..Hehehehe..ABC (Ice likes snow & syrups at the top) and banana fried as my desert coz i have lunch before.

We arrived at Teluk Batik at 7.15pm...Another task is to find a hotel for accomodation 3 days 2 nights. D'Batik Motel is the place we have to stay..My fren decided to stay at ground floor because i'm not walk proper to hike the staircase. The motel was simple but have the wifi services,we're really excited to used the wifi for facebook and YM.

The first night, we have the discussion session after dinner. My group was prepared the minimum guidelines for excercise and need to find the evidence and reference. Our group topic is Environmental Impact,my idea to reduced the topic because Environmental Impact is very big issue to discuss and we're covering the sewerage & drainage system at the coast. Small shelter is to be our discussion place. The wheather is too hot, we decide to ordered the drink and wrote in a piece of paper.Regulary,I only order the mineral water. We back to motel after 1am because Rahman need to found solution for his contact lense at the shop but most of shops were close at 10pm.We slept at the night with peacefull until morning because tomorrow we have a task to do.

The second day, after breakfast we start to search and find the problem at Teluk Batik until evening. More finding and need to discuss after this trip. My group partner is Aini and Ana, so we already discovery mostly part at Teluk Batik until Marina Island (the new reclaimed site at Lumut). At the end of the day,we hangout at Nasi Ayam Madu Mamak nearest with Lumut Jetty. After Maghrib, we have a barbeque dinner at Pak Man Motel and the activities including Kareoke..My classmates ready to show the sing talented,the first 10 songs is free. Rahman,Endura,Anis and Laila showed the talent at the night with him favourite song and surprise our Profesor also singing Jamal Abdillah song. We're really enjoy the food and the talentime.

We was going back early and Afif was joined me back to used wifi but sadly the wifi was not available because the stolen caused at TM tower. As our 3 budak sempoi, we plan to go KTV Family at Lumut town. Along time ago,i went to kareoke since i studied undergradute and not really likes to sing caused my fren Mox's have a good voice and high volume likes Anuar Zain..But tonight we sing for fun and release tension..I just sing several song and i thought mybe vote out early if i joined the AF..hahahahaha...

The next day,is the final day for our trip...After breakfast and finding presentation by the undergraduate, i have prepared to checkout from D'Batik Motel. The next place is Hutan Bakau at Dinding. The beautiful bakau tree and wildlife can be find at the place. After trip,Embong was joined me,Rahman and Zairi to send him to Uitm Seri Iskandar because he have a job to do. At the same time, i will meets my undergrad fren who be the lecturer at there. Embong made appointment with him to stay at Jiden house's. We spent time to looked around UiTM area which is my previuos campus for undergrad and Rahman excited to travel around the UTP for Canselory Building design created by Sir Norman Foster who was the famous architect in all over the world. We decide to rest at Batu Gajah and start to go back at 4.30pm through the old road until Kampar and changed to highway at Tapah and lastly decided to use old road again at Bidor after we looked the jammed at highway.
7.15pm,I was arrived at home and Rahman so disspointed to cut hair after the shop was closed. Rahman and Zairi continued the travel to KL. So hurt but fun..