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Trip to family haus

Isnin, 13 September 2010

Let's enjoy the hari raya...After raya baba will pay each u ice cream..please be good boy & gal..behalf yourself...

Akhmal Wedding

Ahad, 12 September 2010

my cousin wedding..so sweet & nice..Congratulation to you..

2nd day

Several shot for remember..


Jumaat, 10 September 2010

Most important thing...


Wish good & happening in Raya...

End of Ramadhan..

Khamis, 9 September 2010
Takbir around the villange...

My little boy who are making funny a whole day..

My nephew and niece play the firework and oil lamp

Raya candlier and my smiley niece..

Pose at new raya candlier light..

Very Sad..InyaAllah..We'll meet again..

My Name Is Khan

Sabtu, 4 September 2010
Im not the terrorist...

Seven likur..

Khamis, 2 September 2010

End of Ramadhan..

This is countdown of Ramadhan..The Holy month will leave us..My Name Is Khan which is the movie i have watching