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Exam week

Isnin, 26 April 2010

YEstErday i had been moved to Shah Alam and staying at 1st Inn Hotel at Shah ALam right now..Bore and need to focus the examination subject courses. Tomorrow,i have only one paper to seating..Just me and Laga Fish at hotel..


Jumaat, 16 April 2010
The most expensive coffin in the museum showcase.

Most decoration coffin.

Ergghhh...hanging coffin,if i'm not mistaken,it located at Thailand or Indonesia.

Cave people might be neolitic period.

Timber coffin like interlocking structure.

Last Sunday i when to KL for searching the info History assigment with Rahman,Zairi and Cikgu Amir. We meet appoinment at Museum because Zairi was officer at National Museum. We decide to meet there because i came to KL with commuter from Tgm. Easier to Rahman take me at KL Sentral. When i came to museum Zairi invited me to visit museum coffin showcase...very educated and informative..

MahkamahKeadilan (Justice Court's Theatre)

Khamis, 15 April 2010
Dance for lack of quality Majestic by the sexiest dancer..

Curtain call is apart of theatre ethic.

Ya Habibi!!.. Arabic dance by man..

Camera shoot..blocking my view!!

Final action dance.. Circle movement..