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Teluk Batik

Isnin, 1 Mac 2010
The Marina Island Bridge.

Talentime night by Anis,Laila and Edura.

Cikgu Amir was simple man but he really geniaus.

CLass photo take by undergrade.

UTP Mosque,food for fish.

Lumut is the place very familiar with me..I have been stayed Perak almost 4 year to fullfilled Bachelor Sc studies.. On the Maulidur Rasul 1431H, i have to field trip at Teluk Batik Perak for doing my master studies. Last year i went with my officemate,i'm not surprice but the trip it firstime i slept there. I ,Zairi and Rahman was sharing chevolett car own by Rahman.

My ankle is really hurt last night so Rahman willing to take me at Tg Malim from Kuala Lumpur. Just 1 hours from KL,Zairi and Rahman together came to my haus. They arrived at 4pm after Friday Prayer and i just do simple preparation and not feeling well. At my home,I showed him my broken ankle xray, they really scared..Hahahaha..We started to travel at 4.30pm at have to stop at Bidor for lunch time..Hehehehe..ABC (Ice likes snow & syrups at the top) and banana fried as my desert coz i have lunch before.

We arrived at Teluk Batik at 7.15pm...Another task is to find a hotel for accomodation 3 days 2 nights. D'Batik Motel is the place we have to stay..My fren decided to stay at ground floor because i'm not walk proper to hike the staircase. The motel was simple but have the wifi services,we're really excited to used the wifi for facebook and YM.

The first night, we have the discussion session after dinner. My group was prepared the minimum guidelines for excercise and need to find the evidence and reference. Our group topic is Environmental Impact,my idea to reduced the topic because Environmental Impact is very big issue to discuss and we're covering the sewerage & drainage system at the coast. Small shelter is to be our discussion place. The wheather is too hot, we decide to ordered the drink and wrote in a piece of paper.Regulary,I only order the mineral water. We back to motel after 1am because Rahman need to found solution for his contact lense at the shop but most of shops were close at 10pm.We slept at the night with peacefull until morning because tomorrow we have a task to do.

The second day, after breakfast we start to search and find the problem at Teluk Batik until evening. More finding and need to discuss after this trip. My group partner is Aini and Ana, so we already discovery mostly part at Teluk Batik until Marina Island (the new reclaimed site at Lumut). At the end of the day,we hangout at Nasi Ayam Madu Mamak nearest with Lumut Jetty. After Maghrib, we have a barbeque dinner at Pak Man Motel and the activities including Kareoke..My classmates ready to show the sing talented,the first 10 songs is free. Rahman,Endura,Anis and Laila showed the talent at the night with him favourite song and surprise our Profesor also singing Jamal Abdillah song. We're really enjoy the food and the talentime.

We was going back early and Afif was joined me back to used wifi but sadly the wifi was not available because the stolen caused at TM tower. As our 3 budak sempoi, we plan to go KTV Family at Lumut town. Along time ago,i went to kareoke since i studied undergradute and not really likes to sing caused my fren Mox's have a good voice and high volume likes Anuar Zain..But tonight we sing for fun and release tension..I just sing several song and i thought mybe vote out early if i joined the AF..hahahahaha...

The next day,is the final day for our trip...After breakfast and finding presentation by the undergraduate, i have prepared to checkout from D'Batik Motel. The next place is Hutan Bakau at Dinding. The beautiful bakau tree and wildlife can be find at the place. After trip,Embong was joined me,Rahman and Zairi to send him to Uitm Seri Iskandar because he have a job to do. At the same time, i will meets my undergrad fren who be the lecturer at there. Embong made appointment with him to stay at Jiden house's. We spent time to looked around UiTM area which is my previuos campus for undergrad and Rahman excited to travel around the UTP for Canselory Building design created by Sir Norman Foster who was the famous architect in all over the world. We decide to rest at Batu Gajah and start to go back at 4.30pm through the old road until Kampar and changed to highway at Tapah and lastly decided to use old road again at Bidor after we looked the jammed at highway.
7.15pm,I was arrived at home and Rahman so disspointed to cut hair after the shop was closed. Rahman and Zairi continued the travel to KL. So hurt but fun..

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